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This week Ms. Petersen and Mrs. Drussel’s hybrid classes became detectives on the cold case surrounding the lost colony of Roanoke. They searched high and low for clues before forming hypotheses and delivering their reports to the police chief! Ms. Petersen’s and Mrs. Drussel’s hybrid class is a new class this year and is the first time that Dixon has ever done something like this. There are two groups of students: the blue group and the red group. On Mondays the students work together and the rest of the week for 1st period they switch every other day between Ms. Petersen and Mrs. Drussel. This format was piloted this year because of an increase of students wanting to take US History Honors and English 8 Honors!


Due to weather conditions and in an effort to keep students, teachers, and staff as safe as possible, school has been delayed until 10:00 am.  We will still have our regular early out release at...