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Last modified: October 28, 2022

Reality Town & Job Shadow

When is the Next Reality Town?

The next Reality Town will be held on March 30, 2023, 8:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

What is Reality Town?

Reality Town is a hands-on simulation in which our eighth grade students learn the realities of adulthood as they make lifestyle and budget decisions, take on careers, salaries, families and the financial responsibilities of the adult world.

What Concepts Are Taught in Reality Town?

Prior to the Reality Town simulation, students are encouraged to explore career choices and set goals for their futures. The students also compose a resume, complete a job application and learn to write checks and balance a checkbook. During the simulation, students learn hands-on how to budget money, practice writing checks, learn about tax withholdings, and are educated as to the many financial obligations faced by adults. After the simulation, the students analyze their experience and discuss the realities of the simulation with their teacher and peers. Students are also taught about savings and debt and the effects of interest.

What are the Goals of Reality Town?

Reality Town is intended to encourage our students to look towards their futures and realize that the choices they make now can and will affect their future lives. We hope that students come away with the knowledge that school – and the knowledge obtained therein – is an important step in the development of who they may become and the lifestyle that they will have. We also hope that students will realize the financial impact that they themselves have upon their own families and have a greater respect for the financial responsibilities of their parents.

How Can I Help?

The foundation for a successful Reality Town is community involvement and support. Each year, schools in our area need volunteers to work with our students in the Reality Town simulation. No prior experience is necessary. If you would like to aid your local school in Reality Town, please contact the school’s Reality Town coordinator, Kory Sekaquaptewa ( and tell him you would like to volunteer. The community is what makes Reality Town great.

Job Shadow

The purpose of the job shadow day is to introduce students to a career. This is an exploration activity for students as they learn about a career that might interest them. Parents and business owners allow seventh grade students from Dixon to shadow them for a day at work. It is up to students to figure out where they will complete their job shadow, but they can choose where they job shadow, they do need parent permission. Students are supposed to complete their job shadow on the same day that eight grade students do Reality Town (Thursday March 30, 2023) and therefore do not come to school on that day. Community business partners are a very important part of this activity. Provo School District has had great community support for this activity and we appreciate the parents and business people who present their job information to our students. Students are required to return the 2 sheets below to their Team Time teacher to receive credit for their job shadow. If you have questions about Reality Town or job shadows please contact the Counseling Office.