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2021 2022 Registration Faq

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

  • 7th Grade Orientation Day Will be held in early August for our new students to help them transition to Dixon. Watch for more information this summer.
  • Class Schedule You will receive your class schedule within the first two weeks of August.
  • Back to School Night Monday, August 16th from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. Come tour the school and meet your teachers and other school staff. (Pending Health Department Guidelines)
  • Primer día de clase The first day of school for 7th graders is Wednesday, August 18th. This day is dedicated to helping 7th graders get a great start, and providing them with some tools to help them be successful in middle school. The first day of school for 8th graders is Thursday, August 19th. This will be the 7th graders’ second day.
  • Calendar and other Information You can find the Dixon calendar as well as other useful information on our website at
  • Immunizations Tdap booster, 1 Meningococcal, and 2 Varicella/Chickenpox immunizations are required vaccines by Utah Immunization Rule for Students to enter seventh grade in Utah. Please be sure Dixon has proof of your 7th grader’s immunizations prior to the first day of school. If you submitted proof to the elementary in 6th grade, we should receive it from the elementary.
  • Bus Schedules Bus Schedules and Maps are available on the Provo School District website at Look under [For Parents], then [Bus Stops]. Please contact Provo District Transportation Department at 801-374-4860 if you have additional questions.
  • Normas de vestimenta y aseo School dress standards are known to improve academics and behavior while increasing student confidence and satisfaction. Such dress expectations also help to prevent gang affiliation and violence. Providing a safe learning environment is our number one priority. We want each student to feel safe and be able to concentrate on his or her studies, homework, and lessons more than anything else. Students are expected to comply with the dress and grooming standards of Dixon Middle School. Please refer to our website at for more detailed information.
  • PAWS Advisory Period Every student will be assigned an advisory teacher for his/her 7th and 8th grade year. Students will spend time almost daily in this period in an effort to provide support, guidance, and a meaningful relationship with a caring adult. Students will be selected randomly to promote new relationships, friendships, and opportunities to learn and grow with a new group of peers. The advisory period (PAWS) is an excellent way for students to feel that they are a part of something special.
  • Lockers We have a limited number of lockers at the school. During the first two weeks of school, the 8th graders will be assigned lockers. Then, 7th graders will be allowed to sign up for lockers. Check in the Main Office for more information. (Pending Health Department Guidelines)
  • Parent Involvement There are many opportunities for you to be involved with your Dixon student. I challenge every parent to volunteer in some way and choose to be a part of your student’s life at Dixon this year. Parents are welcome at Dixon at any time! Several deliberate opportunities will be scheduled for parent involvement throughout the year. Other opportunities could include: PTA, School Community Council, Career Day, classroom volunteers, field trips, classroom presentations, Reality Town, performances, and dance chaperones. To ensure the safety of our students, all visitors must check in at the Main Office before visiting students.

Advanced and Accelerated Opportunities at Dixon Middle School

Courses available for the 2021-2022 School Year – Additional courses may be offered after enrollment numbers are available.

Seventh Grade Core Classes

  • Language Arts 7 Pre-AP
  • STEM Cohort (Math 7 Honors or Math 7/8 and Science 7 Honors)
  • 7th Grade Mathematics – Honors
  • 7th/8th Grade Mathematics (2 year course in 1 year)
  • Math 8/Secondary Mathematics I (2 year course in 1 year)
  • Secondary Mathematics I
  • Integrated Science 7 – Honors

Seventh Grade Elective Classes

  • Student Government
  • Portuguese 3 DLI
  • DLI Portuguese Culture and Media
  • Spanish 3 DLI
  • DLI Spanish Culture and Media
  • Band II – Intermediate
  • Band II – Jazz
  • Orchestra III – Chamber
  • Chorus I – Year
  • Ballroom Dance Company – Team

Eighth Grade Core Classes

  • Language Arts 8 Pre-AP
  • U.S. History I – Honors
  • 8th Grade Mathematics – Honors
  • Secondary Math I
  • Secondary Math II
  • Integrated Science 8 – Honors
  • STEM Cohort (Math 8 Honors or SM I and Science 8 Honors)

Eighth Grade Elective Classes

  • Student Government
  • Latinos in Action
  • Portuguese DLI 4
  • DLI Portuguese Culture and Media
  • Spanish DLI 4
  • DLI Spanish Culture and Media
  • Band III – Concert
  • Band II – Jazz
  • Orchestra III – Chamber
  • Chorus II – Concert
  • Ballroom Dance Company – Team
  • Anuario

7/8 Grade Academic Groups and Competitions

  • Spelling Bee National Junior Honor Society
  • Geography Bee Technology Student Association (TSA)
  • Science Olympiad Sea Perch Robotics
  • Mock Trial STEM Science Fair

* Dixon Middle School will also work with individual families to participate in advanced e-school classes during the school day or other enrollment options as approved by the administration.

Placement Decisions are based on the following Data Sources:

  • Previous End of Level Testing Data (Must meet or exceed grade level)
  • GT Testing- CogAT, RISE Testing
  • 6th Grade Teacher Recommendations
  • Student Request
  • Previous Academic Grades
  • Demonstrate Competency for Performance classes

Dixon MS Band ROCKS!!!!!

Beginning Band

This class is for students who have little or no experience in band or music. Students will choose and instrument and start from the very beginning. Students can choose from the following instruments: Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, Trombone

Intermediate Band

This class is for students who have at least one year of experience on their current instrument. Some students in this class may learn a secondary instrument such as saxophone, French horn, tuba, oboe, or bassoon based on their musical proficiency and the instrumentation needs of the band.

Concert Band

This is an advanced class for students with 1-2 years of successful playing experience. This class will require an audition. We will have auditions in April for this class.

Beginning Percussion

This is a class for all students who want to play percussion. This is a full year class. The students from this class will play percussion for the beginning and intermediate band concerts. Students in this class will need a percussion kit and will learn both drums and mallet instruments.

Jazz Band

This is an advanced class that meets during 0 Period (before school). We will have auditions for this class during the first two weeks of school. Students must remain enrolled in a regular band or orchestra class in order to be in Jazz Band.

Instrument Rental

All Band classes will require the purchase or rental of an instrument. The store we recommend is:

  • Bert Murdock Música
  • 981 N 1200 W Orem, UT
  • 801-225-7922

Please contact Ms. Giblon if you have any questions about classes or obtaining instruments.