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Last modified: October 28, 2022

Where Do I Get an Instrument?

Having an instrument that works well is crucial to a student’s success in middle school band or orchestra. Students who struggle due to the poor quality or condition of their instrument get frustrated quickly and do not experience the rewards of being in a music program.

Often parents are reluctant to get a good quality instrument for a young beginner. We have parents tell us that they are going to “wait to see if their child is serious” before renting or purchasing a good instrument. Sadly, most of these students quit before they have a chance to experience success and become “serious”. It is very discouraging to a student who is trying to do everything correctly but still cannot get a good tone or play in tune because of instrument problems.

Students who have their own, good quality instrument tend to be more successful in band and orchestra. These students see that their parents have faith in their ability to learn a new skill and are more likely to “stick with it” when they experience challenges in learning to play an instrument. They also are more likely to take good care of the instrument because it is a source of personal pride.

The expense of renting or buying an instrument is sometimes a challenge but the investment you make in your child’s musical success is worth it. Local music stores have rent to own programs with low monthly payments and also offer maintenance and repair plans in case something happens to the instrument. They sell new and used instruments and are willing to work with parents to make sure their child has a good instrument.

Please be careful when buying an instrument from anywhere but a reputable music store. We would recommend particular caution when attempting to purchase an instrument online. A large percentage of the instruments sold online that appear to be a great deal are JUNK. They often have fake reviews that say things like, “band director recommended” or “great for school orchestra”. These are false claims. We have had several students attempt to learn on these instruments and they usually get frustrated and quit. If you are considering buying an instrument from a source other than a reputable music store, please consult with the band or orchestra teacher before making the purchase.

The two music stores we recommend are:

  • Bert Murdock Music
    981 N 1200 W Orem, UT 84057 801-225-7922
  • Summerhays Music
    1006 South State Orem, UT 84097 1-800-577-3575

*We do have a limited supply of school owned instruments. We ask that this option be used only if there is no other way for you to obtain a quality instrument for your child.