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Last modified: January 26, 2022

Math 7, 7h

..solve problems with integers (positive and negative numbers).

..solve problems with rational numbers (fractions or decimals that repeat or terminate).

..recognize and represent proportional relationships between two quantities.

..use proportions to solve multi-step percent problems (taxes, tips, simple interest, discounts, markups, etc).

..write and solve one and two-step equations (and inequalities**).

..solve problems involving scale drawings of geometric figures.

..solve equations using angle relationships.

..solve problems involving area, volume and surface area of two and three-dimensional figures. data on two populations and make inferences from the data.

..use probability to predict simple, real world events (and compound events**).

•Assignments/Late Work

-Homework and assignments will be corrected in class the first couple days AFTER they are assigned, and will be worth up to 5 points dependent upon completion and correctness of the assignment.

-Assignments will be accepted late up to one week past the day that it is was due for up to full correction credit. After one week it will be up to teacher discretion to allow for full assignment points.

-If a student is absent, it is the student’s responsibility for obtaining missed assignments and notes from the teacher or from another student. They ARE still expected to do assignments for missed days.

•Extra Help

Students in need of extra help may come to my classroom after school any time between 2:50 -3:45 pm.  I am also usually available before school from about 7:30.

•Behavior Expectations

Students are expected to act responsibly and respectfully at ALL times in class so that EVERYONE can learn in a productive, safe, and enjoyable environment. Dixon’s school behavior policies will be followed.


Student grades are determined on total point basis as well as weighting.

Homework/Classwork, Notebook checks, Participation points, etc = 20% of term grade

Quizzes and Tests = 80% of term grade

A      94-100        A- 90-93

B+    87-89          B 83-86             B- 80-82

C+    77-79          C 73-76             C- 70-72

D+        67-69       D 63-66             D- 60-62 I     0-59

•Supply List

One of the many reasons students are successful year to year is by staying organized.  The following list of supplies will be VERY HELPFUL for class this year and will be essential in helping your child be successful during the year.  Thank you for your support and cooperation.

**1. Composition notebook dedicated for ONLY math use (NOT spiral notebook)

2. Pens and Pencils (lots)

3. Scientific calculator  (classroom set of TI 30XS Multiview  available for use IN CLASS) (About $15-17)

**4. EITHER a 3 ring binder (1 ½ inch round rings) for math book OR DUCT TAPE to cover consumable math book .