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Dixon Middle School

Last modified: October 28, 2022

Dress & Grooming Standards

In order to maintain student safety, protect the learning environment and provide an opportunity for Dixon students to dress for success, clothing. . .

  • Must not distract from the learning environment.
    1. Undergarments must be worn and must not be visible
    2. No thin or “spaghetti strap” tops or halter tops may be worn
    3. Buttocks/torso must be covered
    4. Any clothing deemed provocative (e.g. overly tight, loose, short, see-through/sheer, low-cut, open-cut etc.) may not be worn.
    5. Hats, beanies, hoods and head coverings may be worn at teacher’s discretion in the classroom
  • Must be safe.
    1. Footwear must be worn at all times
    2. Jewelry that may present a safety risk may not be worn.
    3. Sunglasses are not permitted unless prescribed by a doctor
  • May not promote drugs, violence, sex, gangs or insensitivity to others. Clothing may NOT.
    1. Advertise tobacco, drugs or alcohol
    2. Contain vulgar or sexual words in any language or images
    3. Contain profane or obscene slogans
    4. Identify one as belonging to or being sympathetic to gangs
    5. Promote guns/weapons, violence or unlawful activity
    6. Contain statements or depictions derogatory to others

Consequences for Dress Code Violations

  1. First Offense
    • Review of Rules
    • Fix problem
  2. Second Offense
    • Review of Rules
    • Fix problem
    • Parent Notification
  3. Third Offense
    • Parent Notification
    • Parents bring clothes from home to change into
  4. Fourth Offense
    • Admin reviews the situation and decide on further action

**Dixon Middle School appreciates parent, guardian and student cooperation in efforts to make
the Dress Code norms and their enforcement fair, balanced and gender-neutral.
School administrators reserve the right to address and enforce dress code issues as they deem appropriate.