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Dixon Middle School

Last modified: October 28, 2022

Hours and Guidelines


The Dixon Panther Library is for the use and enjoyment of the Dixon community. Student and teachers alike are encouraged to check out materials and to use the library to its fullest potential.


  • Ms. Dudley will deliver any book to you during school hours Monday-Thursday 8AM-1PM


The Dixon Panther library is for EVERYONE and we all must contribute to its success!

  • RESPECT the media center space and all materials.
  • Theft will be dealt with according to school policy.
  • No food or drinks in the Media Center.
  • Use appropriate voice levels to maintain a QUIET place ~ not SILENT

Checking Out Materials

  • A student ID Number or Faculty/Staff Employee Number is required.
  • Up to 2 books can be checked out for 14 days.
  • Books may have up to one renewal if there are no holds


  • Holds may be placed on desired books by request in the library
  • Holds are for 14 days, if the book is not available within that time, hold must be renewed
  • You will be notified of available holds via message from the library.

Book Requests

Student and Staff Recommendations are welcomed!

Requests will be considered according to budget constraints and our acquisition guidelines.

Over-due/Lost & Damaged Materials

Patrons with overdue books may lose check-out privileges.

Replacement price + processing fee will be applied to damaged or lost materials. (Please let Mrs. Gallacher know right away if you have lost a book.)

All fines are paid in the Finance Office.

Computer Use

Media Computer use is encouraged for educational purposes such as research, reading, and homework.


Dixon Panther Library Services Include:

  • Printing from computer lab computer(s) up to 2 free pages of homework
  • Test Proctoring during school hours.
  • Materials prepared upon request for teachers.

Acquisition Policy

We love donations of gently used books for our library!

Library materials will be selected for the purposes of supporting 7th and 8th grade curriculum and to encourage independent reading.

These are some points of consideration:

  • Does the item support the curriculum?
  • Does the item fulfill teacher & student needs?
  • Does the item support technology goals? Is it available in digital form?
  • Is the item relevant and / or current?
  • Does the item encourage reading for pleasure and fit with student interest?

Inventory And Weeding

Inventory takes place once a year or as necessary. If an item is missing for more than a school year it is deleted and / or replaced.

Periodic evaluation of materials will be conducted so as to maintain an up-to-date and balanced collection.