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On Monday evening, parents and teachers joined together to honor and celebrate some of the outstanding achievements our 8th grade students have accomplished over the last two years at Dixon.


Teachers wait on stage to give their awards to the chosen students.

Teachers in every department had been asked to select two students, a boy and a girl, that had displayed not only exemplary work in those subjects, but had worked hard to improve and who displayed overall the attitude and motivation necessary for them to succeed.


Camryn Guzman recieves her medal for being honored by the Orchestra department.

Many students honored face challenges, whether personal or physical, which they overcome on a daily basis to excel in these subject areas.  While students with high GPA’s and other achievement such as passing I Can statements were recognized, teachers went beyond the gradebook in their recognition.

Luke Uhl crosses the stage after being honored by the English Department.

Luke Uhl crosses the stage after being honored by the English Department.

Each student was called to the stage and awarded a certificate and medal from a teacher from the department that nominated them.  Leadership students read names and short explanations of what the students had done to deserve the award.


Our Leadership students carry the night along by reading off the awards.


Myesha Gilliland shaking Mr. Sites’ hand after receiving her award from the Math Department.


Our principals each chose one student to recognize as someone who has demonstrated the qualities we hope to foster here at Dixon, particularly with our anti-bullying campaign “Be A Buddy, Not a Bully” that has been in place for several years.  Alyssa Lunt received Mr. Anderson’s award.  As it was presented, he said that “Alyssa has shown great improvement over the last two years, becoming a confident and enthusiastic member of our student body.  Regardless of challenges she is determined to succeed.  She has been a great addition to our drama program, performing believable characters on stage and adding to the camaraderie of the cast.  She always has a positive attitude and an enthusiasm that is delightful to be around. She is usually smiling, happy, and ready to help others.”

Alyssa Lunt crosses the stage after receiving her Principal's Award.

Alyssa Lunt crosses the stage after receiving her Principal’s Award.

Sione Fungalei receives his Principal's Award from Mr. Sites.

Sione Fungalei receives his Principal’s Award from Mr. Sites.


Mr. Sites recognized Sione Fungalei as the recipient of the Principal’s Award for Dixon Middle School 2015-2016.  He told us, “Over the past two years I have watched him lead by example, and as a positive and calming influence in classrooms, in the hallways, and on the playing fields of our school and our community.  During his elementary years, he struggled at times with behavior and his energy level.  That has changed! Like we are, I imagine that the teachers at Franklin Elementary would be proud of the change and success that you have found. I have watched him make and maintain a significant effort to make a difference and to change.  His grades and citizenship are exceptional.  His athletic success has been fun to watch.  These change have allowed him to excel at academics, citizenship, and in his athletic endeavors.  Sione has become a role model, an influencer for good, and has the potential for greatness at school and in athletics.  Sione, I trust that your experiences at Dixon will help you to become great in whatever you choose to pursue.  Thank you for your example and commitment to doing what is right for you, for your family, and for others around you.  Congratulations to a fine young man with a very bright future!”

You can see all the photos taken in our facebook album!


Congratulations to all the 8th graders honored this week!  Their names are below:

  • Ballroom Dance: Carter Coats and Kristy Barnhart Armstrong
  • CTE: John Reid and Libby Bailey
  • Science: Maximo Alcala-Guerrero and Aubrey Fisher
  • P.E.: Alex Myles-Mills and Rebecca Voss
  • Drama: Jacob Benson and Hallie Gee
  • Choir: Logan Christensen and Grace Higgan-Botham
  • Service/Leadership: Brian Flores and Norexy Romero
  • History: Emanuel Aguado and Abigail Brown
  • Health: Enoch Robertson and Casandra Aguayo
  • English: Luke Uhl and Emily Jensen
  • Orchestra: Erik Gudmunson and Camryn Guzman
  • Foreign Language: Rey Francisco Cruz-Linares and Maria Higuera
  • Band: Brandon Sol and Camille Hoffman
  • Most Improved: Bubba (Marcell) Littlejohn and Harley Springman
  • Art: Simon Arrendondo and Laurel Williams
  • Math: Taylor Heiner and Myesha Gilliland
  • STEM: Daryan Sebresos and Megan Pope
  • Digital Media: Jim Tucker and Moea Rochette
  • Kindness Award: Libby Deucher and Amberly Larsen
  • Dixon Character Award: Isabela Cerrato and Hunter Knudsen
  • Principal’s Award: Sione Fungalei and Allyssa Lunt
  • Perfect Attendance: Maria Orozco

The following students received a Citizenship Award (5 or more ‘O’s per term)

Simon Arredondo, Addysen Barker, Isabela Cerrato, Aubrey Fisher, Diana Rebeca Fuentes, McKenna Griffin, Estefania Hernandez, Maria Higuera, Mosese Iongi, Ammon Jessop, Hunter Knudsen, Ashley Macfarlane, Aislynn Matthews, Ethan Mercer, Lucia Moreno-Estrada, Maria Orozco, Jacy Penick, Kaycee Porter, Mason Robinson, Norexy Romero, Brenda Sandoval, Zada Scott, Luke Uhl, Sierra Weeks

The following students passed all their “I Can’s”:

Emanuel Aguado, Maximo Alcala-Guerrero, Brielle Anderson, Simon Arredondo, Hunter Atkins, Tre Baca, Charlee Barker, Kristy Barnhart-Armstrong, Laura Borges Mendes, Abigail Brown, Isabela Cerrato, Logan Christensen, Alyssa Churchill, Adam Clegg, Katherine Cox, Caleb Crawford, Libby Deucher, Samantha Diquattro, Morgan Dunn, Brooke Faulkner, Aubrey Fisher, Allyson Frey Diana Fuentes, Sione Fungalei, Hallie Gee, Myesha Gilliland, Maria Gomez, Nathan Gordon, Cael Gustafson, Camryn Guzman, Jake Halona, Michael Hansen, Ryan Harward, Brooklyn Holden, Aileena Hopokingi, Ben Hults, Milo Hults, Kenya Hurtado, Alyssa Jarvis, Emily Jensen, Haley Konold, Stacie Lopez, Ashely Macfarlane, Jocelyn aier, Jayson Marler, Abby Martin, Sophie McRae, Daeli Mendoza, Ethan Mercer, Bryawna Meyer, Lindy Miller, Lucia Morena-Estrada, Stephanie Paul, Kinlee Pilling, Ellie Pope, Megan Pope, Lincoln Prager, Creed Robertson, Enoch Robertson, Kylee Robichaux, Mason Robinson, Moea Rochette, Norexy Romero, Grissell Sanchez Roque, Zada Scott, Hayley Snarr, Kirsten Stavast, Falelua Stowers, Katie Torgersen, Kyalea Toutai, Luke Uhl, Melanie Villalon, Rebecca Voss, Sierra Weeks, Daisey Wright

The following students are on our Honor Roll, with a GPA of 3.75 or higher:

Angie Acosta, Brielle Anderson, Logan Christensen, Brooke Faulkner, Aubrey Fisher, Chase Galbraith, Hallie Gee, Myesha Gilliland, Taylor Heiner, Alyssa Jarvis, Haley Konold, Ashley Macfarlane, Lucia Moreno-Estrada, London Piggott, Ellie Pope, Alexa Puga, Ava Simp, Hayley Snarr, Alexis Vega, Gage Andersen, Amy Betancur, Isabela Cerrato, Allyson Frey, Diana Fuentes, Ryan Harward, Hailey Little, Bryawna Meyer, Daryan Sebresos, Adam Clegg, Nathan Martin, Megan Pope, Kylie Robichaux, Katie Torgersen, Savannah Astle, Alyssa Churchill, Libby Deucher, Kirsten Stavast, Addysen Barker, Moea Rochette, Chase Clark, Sophia Doty, Laurel Williams, Kimberly Pauni, Kyalea Toutai, Sierra Weeks, Emma Eckton, Brooklyn Holden, Kaytlyn McDonald, Creed Robertson, Jim Tucker, McKenna Griffin, Hunter Knudsen, Abby Martin, Jacy Penick, Sophie McRae, Brooklyn Powell, Luke Uhl, Simon Arredondo, Russell Epling, Estrella Farias-Carrazco, Amber McBride, Daeli Mendoza, Kaycee Porter, Abigail Brown, Katherine Cox, Kenya Hurtado, Natalie Kingston, Jocelyn Maier, Kinlee Pilling, Elijah Brown, Aberly Larsen, Caden Alleman, Kristy Barnhart-Armstrong, Falelua Stowers, Melanie Villalon, Emanuel Aguado, Walker MOore, Jacob Hundley, Rebecca Voss, Ethan Mercer, Courtney Cox, Enoch Robertson, Zada Scott, Casandra Aguayo-Hernandez, Daisy Wright, Nathan Gordon, Grisell Sanchez-Roque, Laura Holman, Emily Jensen, Kaitlyn Rasmussen, Jessie Hemingway, Milo Hults, Brielle Scott, Caleb Crawford, Camille Hoffmann, Caszen Frandsen, Marcell Littlejohn, Hunter Williams, Cael Gustafson, Alexander Myles-Mills, Grace Higginbotham, Ben Hults, Traig Malquist, Handen Torsak, Lindy Miller, Kaylie Torres, Summer Johnson, Maria Orozco, Amanda Livingston, Charlee Barker, Alexander Atkinson, James Woodward, Michael Hansen, Christian Orellana, Jane Wight, Tre Baca, Estefania Hernandez, Jayson Marler, Lincoln Prager, Lucas Peay, Jake Halona


Starting Thursday, schools across the district will be closed for Winter Break. From Thursday, December 21 to Tuesday, January 2, schools, as well as the district office will be closed. Classes...

As we enter the fall and winter seasons, we need to be prepared for inclement weather and the district would like to ensure that everyone is aware of the ways in which we will communicate...

As we enter the fall and winter seasons, we need to be prepared for inclement weather and the district would like to ensure that everyone is aware of the ways in which we will communicate...