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Dixon Middle School

Last modified: October 28, 2022

How to Schedule A Substitute

ID = a ten digit number ending in your PSD employee ID #, with preceding zeros to make it ten digits long  (for example, if your employee ID # is 12345, enter 0000012345 as your ID.   If your employee ID# is 1234, use 0000001234)

PIN = the last four digits of your Social Security #

Please use the online scheduling whenever possible.  If you should need to contact Kelly Absence Scheduling Team via phone, their number is 1-866-KELLY-98.  You may need to contact them via phone for the following reasons:

  • To log absences in the Kelly Automated Scheduling System for the following situations:
    • same-day absences after the absence cut-off time
    • Long-term absences of five or more consecutive days
  • Special requests; specific requests for substitute employees will be honored when possible–but cannot be guaranteed–please allow a minimum of two days advance notice.
  • To notify Kelly about assignment cancellations and extensions
  • To obtain information or updates regarding last-minute assignments and/or unfilled classrooms
  • To notify Kelly about assignment changes (e.g., reason for absence, substitute classroom switch)
  • For substitute scheduling or arrival questions

To report any school cancellations (e.g., snow days, building issues)