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Last modified: September 12, 2023

Social Innovation and Service

Dixon has also been acknowledged for leadership in school policy and social innovation. Dress codes for teenage students had long been a community concern, and in 2008, the dress code committee, school administration, and district officials agreed to introduce a new dress code for all Dixon students that allowed modest jeans, along with numerous options for other clothing and jewelry. Principal Ungerman noted that the new code involved input from approximately 300 parents and hundreds of surveys from sixth and seventh grade students, teachers, PTA members, and community council members. Once students and parents realized that this effort was not about “uniforms” and was begun in a fair-minded manner, it was received well.

Rosanna Ungerman and Taran Chung
Principal Rosanna Ungerman and Assistant Principal Taran Chung – 2008

In addition to the school-wide dress code, Dixon later established a “Dress for Success” day on Tuesday of each week. On this day, students and teachers are encouraged to “Dress Up!” meaning that boys would often wear shirts and ties, and girls wear dresses or skirts. Fun Dress Up days, such as Hat Day or Hawaiian Day, sometimes are designated for variety.

Dixon was one of the state’s first middle schools to offer its students Reality Town, a hands-on simulation designed to encourage students to explore career choices and set goals for the future. They are required to compose a resume, complete a job application, create a budget, balance a checkbook, and understand the many financial obligations adults face. The program helps students understand that the choices they make now can and will affect their future.

A service project begun in 2000 offered seventh grade students the opportunity to each year create thousands of hygiene kits and make clothing items for impoverished children in a hospital in Morelia, Mexico. Another service project in 2012 involved 70 members of the Dixon Honor Society. These students created more than 100 Christmas cards and letters expressing thanks and gratitude to those serving in our armed forces overseas. These are just two examples of the many service opportunities Dixon students have each year to serve those within and outside of the Provo community.

If you are interested in applying for Honor Society Applications are available for the Dixon Honors Society.  You can obtain these from Mrs. Moody in room 100.  This is a fun organizations for students who want to do service and have  3.5 or higher GPA. These are due Oct. 30 2019.  They will do service projects as well at attend the Nutcracker Ballet in December and go to the museums at Thanksgiving Point in March.  There will also be a writing workshop in February with a local author.

Honor Society Application 2019